Aerial Drone Photography

Besides photography one of my other passions is flying light aircraft. The view over our beautiful towns and glorious countryside are amazing. The opportunity to combine the two is truly thrilling for me.

Over thirty years of ground based photographic expertise, combined with the latest professional drone systems and Civil Aviation Authority, Operational Authorisation, means I can offer you high quality, eye catching aerial photography and filming.

Whether it's personal or business,

you want that coverage no camera other than a drone can get you.

A Beautiful Home, or a Grand Estate.

Event Venues and Hotels.

Sports Grounds and Golf Courses.

Agricultural & Land surveys, and Industrial Estate coverage.

Get that dynamic and exciting image to promote, sell, and look after your property.

Invest in your investment and get that view no ladder will reach.

Whatever the need, I have it covered so contact me here for your free consultation and quote. All photography is bespoke to your requirements.

A view from the Castle

Pentillie Castle & Estate

"These images are incredible. We LOVE LOVE LOVE them"
Sammie Coryton, Owner & Director.

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Images of the beautiful and enchanting Pentillie Castle & Estate in Cornwall are from my personal portfolio and are reproduced here by agreement and with the kind permission of the Castle and Estate Owners.

Properties of a certain size can be challenging to capture. Promote your venue to its full potential. Whether it is the vastness of an estate or the privacy, show off what you have to offer. The breath-taking landscapes, manicured gardens and lakes. Inspire your guests with eye catching views.

Stimulate them and open up their imagination to visualise their event in your grounds.

Statistically properties with aerial footage are more likely to sell.

Aerial views can make a home look bigger and gives a perspective which potential buyers can feel connected to. Help them fall in love and start planning their future by giving them the sense of space and vision.

Show them the life style they are looking for with a personal view of what could be their new home. They will be moving in before you know it.

Your home is designer on the inside, now show it off from the outside.

Capture the stages of a renovation as you extend

and transform your property.

A collage of a home in all seasons.

Drone filming and photography can help you identify the extent of damage to a property.

It gives you a sense of scale and can highlight future problems.

Get a closer look and instant access to footage and know the repairs you need and are paying for.

CAA approved drone pilot

I hold a current A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC), and a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC), together with an 'Operational Authorisation' issued by the Civil Aviation Authority which permits me to operate drones in the UK for day and night work.